Conflict Resolution
Radio Hostess: Lysa TerKeurst
Contributing Writer: Lysa TerKeurst

Just yesterday I was knee deep in some conflicts that made me want to rip my hair out by the roots. Hi, I’m Lysa TerKeurst with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Many of us want to avoid conflict with all our might. Conflict is messy, emotional, and exhausting.

The rational part of my brain sees situations one way but the emotional part of my heart sees them differently. We can get all caught up in the emotion and make things a much bigger deal than necessary or we can ask Jesus for a better perspective.
I’ve learned that feelings should be indicators not dictators. They can indicate there are some emotions to process but not dictate how we act or react in a situation.

Thinking this way helps me cut through the emotion and focus on a solution.
No tangled feelings. No big issue. Just a good solution without the added stress of escalated emotions.

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