Single Moms
Radio Hostess: Lysa TerKeurst
Contributing Writers: Lysa TerKeurst and Amanda Waldroop

Being a single mom is the hardest job in the world! Hi, I’m Lysa TerKeurst for Proverbs 31 Ministries. My friend Cindy grew up without a father. Her mom filled the roles of breadwinner, mechanic, doctor, cook, and everything else. If you’re in Cindy’s mom’s shoes you know the difficulties of being a single parent.

Perhaps you battle with depression or anxiety. Perhaps you cry when your children aren’t looking because of financial burdens or lack of companionship. Cindy told me her mom dealt with all of this and more. But she trusted God to give her the ability to care for her family. She prayed with her children every night and loved them as best as she could even when times got tough. In fact, Cindy says watching her mother’s sacrifices helped her to learn to trust God with her life. So, if you’re a single mom, hang in there. You ARE making a difference. And, if you could use some extra encouragement for your extraordinary job visit

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