Because We're His Children
Radio Hostess: Renee Swope
Contributing Writer: Jill Tracey

The diapers, the feedings, the laundry! Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries. A friend of mine recently had her first child and says absolutely nothing could’ve prepared her for how hard it would be to transition from a career to caring for a little person who can’t do anything for herself. But, as my friend cares for her baby she’s also learning a lot about God’s love. Having to feed, bathe, and change her daughter reminds her that we’re as dependent on God as a baby on her parents.

Everyday God provides food, shelter, clothing, and everything we need. He also cleans up our messes. And, too often, He does it all without even a “thank you” from us. My friend says that gazing at her newborn helps her understand just a little bit about why God would do all of this for us when most of the time we just cry out for more. The Father of the universe has an amazing love for you and me, simply because we’re His children! For more encouragement, visit

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