Up Close and Personal
Radio Hostess: Renee Swope
Contributing Writer: Renee Swope

I couldn’t believe it! Someone from the neighborhood architectural committee had left a note saying: “Your window sills and front porch need to be painted.” Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

First, I was embarrassed! Someone noticed our paint was peeling. Then I was offended! How could they see our windowsills, or front porch, unless they came up close? From a distance, the trim looked fine to me! But, weeks later my husband and I were on ladders - scraping paint. It was in worse condition than we realized. And, if we hadn’t done the repairs, the wood could have rotted. Suddenly, I felt thankful that someone cared enough to look close and tell us we needed some repairs. From a distance you and I probably look like we’re in pretty good condition, too. So we need people in our lives that are willing to come up close, and tell us if they see things in need of repair. Proverbs 31 Ministries wants to help you build friendships based on honesty and trust, so visit Proverbs31.org.

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