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Is it really important to spend time with God everyday? Hi I’m Lysa TerKeurst with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

With all the demands of everyday life it can be hard to set aside time with Jesus. But I can tell a big difference in how I handle things on those days when I’ve done this as opposed to those days I haven’t.

Spending time reading the Bible and praying gives us the exact instruction and comfort we need to handle all God sees coming our way today. It’s the perfect way to receive His peace. Then with great expectation we can face the day and everything in it.

Because of the time we’ve spent with Him, Jesus has already impressed on our hearts how we should act and react in every situation. So, instead of being a slave to our emotions and reacting based on feelings, we can be prepared no matter what.
For ideas on starting a daily time with God click on “Encouragement for Today” at Proverbs31.org.

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