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Why does it seem like every event has to have a winner and a loser? Hi I’m Renee Swope with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Last summer my son joined our neighborhood swim team. He’s a great swimmer, but not a fast swimmer. He tried his hardest, but often came in last. It was hard on him. I told him we’re all winners in God’s eyes, and that giving his best was all Mom, Dad, and God expected of him. But this year he decided not to join again.

I understood my son’s frustration. There are days I don’t feel like a winner either, as a mom, a wife or as a woman. Sometimes I want to quit, too. When I’m tempted to turn in my pink slip, I ask God to show me my strengths and remind me how He sees me, so I don’t get discouraged. Do you ever feel like a loser? If so, ask God to help you see yourself through His eyes. For more encouragement, sign up for our FREE email devotions at

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