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I just love having coffee with my friend Holly. I guess it’s because she loves to listen! Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries. I used to feel bad that Holly could get me to do most of the talking when we’re together, but then I realized she’s most comfortable listening. And it’s a gift. After we’re together, I always feel appreciated and encouraged.

On my way home I decided to give that same gift to God next time we’re together. I want Him feel loved, appreciated and listened to! What if after I spent time with God, He thought to Himself, “Wow, Renee really listened! She asked what I have been thinking about. Even when I tried to get her to talk about herself, she turned it around and asked about me. Then she spent 10 minutes telling me what she appreciates that I’ve done. Renee was more interested in me than she was in herself.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if God felt loved and listened to after spending time with us? For more encouragement in listening to God, visit

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