It’s Hard to Believe
Radio Hostess: Renee Swope
Contributing Writer: Renee Swope

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God’s promises in the Bible are ALL true for me! Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries. When I feel like I’ve failed as a mom by yelling at my kids, it's hard to believe that God never stops loving me. When I’m feeling grouchy and no fun to be around, it’s hard to believe that God doesn’t avoid me until I’m in a better mood. When I feel like I’ve blown it in the “respecting my husband department”- it’s hard to believe God doesn’t wish he’d picked a better wife for JJ.

I realized the other day that when I’m having a hard time believing God’s promises, it’s because I’ve let my feelings about myself determine how I think God feels about me. But God’s promises aren’t based on my feelings – they’re based on one very important FACT –His love is patient, His love is kind, and His love never fails – even when I do. Now that’s something worth believing!

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