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This morning, I couldn't sleep! My mind was too busy figuring out what I had to do today, this week, and this month! Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I woke up feeling like I needed to hand over all my thoughts and plans to God. I had so many decisions to make and changes to figure out. There was no way I could do it all. And I felt like God was telling me to ask for His help.

So what exactly does that look like? For me, handing things over, or surrendering, happens when I empty my thoughts and my heart of all that I’m carrying, and let go of everything I want or think that I need.Surrender is never easy for me because I’m afraid to let go. But I can’t figure out why I try to hold onto things I can’t change or control!

What about you? Is there something you need to trust God with today? Maybe we can work on it together. Visit Renee’s Blog at

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