The Red Flags In Dating
Hostess: Lysa TerKeurst
Contributing Writer: Poppy Smith

A group of teenage girls were recently asked if they would date a boy simply because he was good looking. Hi, I’m Lysa TerKeurst for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Most said yes, they would date someone on good looks alone. My friend who was asking the question asked another, ‘But what do you know about him?” The silence made her point.

She then talked with the girls about 5 red flags to look for before entering a dating or courting relationship with a guy.

Does he lose his temper frequently? Does he consider himself a failure and seem to be looking for a rescuer? Has there been abuse in his home? Does he often put you down or disrespect you? And, does he appear to be jealous, controlling, or need to spend all his free time with you?

I thought these questions could help everyone avoid getting into a situation that could lead to heartache! For more, visit

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Blogger Ryan Kepler said...

I was wondering why abuse in the home is an automatic red flag. I understand that being abused can lead to becoming an abuser, but assuming that anyone who has dealt with abuse is disqualified to date seems to be giving up abuse victims as future abusers and only future abusers. Should we not look at person's character and not what has happened to them in the past.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe these are just flags to warn. If the only flag they have is abuse in the home then other considerations can be made. If someone had a number of flags then that would be a greater indicator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the most important question: How is their relationship with Jesus?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the abuse red flag really bothers me too. I found it very hurtful to hear someone say something like this. Not all who are abused as children are going to end up abusing others. I am very hurt. Even if a person who was is abused is more prone to be abusive (which I don't know what the statistics are on that), that does not mean that he/she has not worked through the pain of the abuse and is now in a healthy place to begin a relationship. I feel that it is unfair to count a person out just because something horrific was done to him/her in the past. God can heal!

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