Living by Grace
I wonder if God ever gets as disappointed with me as I can get with myself.

Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries.I used to think God had a timeline for how long it should take me to mature as a Christian. I thought I should have a certain number of Bible verses memorized, a few bad habits kicked, and so many hours spent at church each year. When I didn’t measure up, I was convinced God was so disappointed.

Then I learned about grace, which is God’s undeserved favor. The Bible says we’re saved by grace, but it doesn’t stop there. As God’s children, we live by grace.

Yes, God wants us to grow because He loves us. But He doesn’t get frustrated when it takes more time than we think it should. You know, the maturity of our relationship with Him isn’t measured by our performance or minimized by a lack of accomplishments. It’s reflected in the way we learn, a little more every day, to depend on God’s grace.

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