A Parent’s Goal
Radio Hostess: Lysa TerKeurst
Contributing Writers: Lysa TerKeurst

As parents, our job isn’t simply to raise children but to raise God-loving adults. Hi, I’m Lysa TerKeurst for Proverbs 31 Ministries. In order to learn to love and respect God, our kids need to learn to love and respect us as parents. And, in order for this to happen, it’s sometimes necessary to discipline them for making poor choices.

Of course we want to extend grace to our kids because we recognize that we so desperately need it ourselves. But, we have to be careful to balance grace with discipline when it’s needed. For example, if my son breaks something, I’ll forgive him, but chances are he’ll have to pay to have it repaired or replaced.

One of the best things I’ve discovered about discipline is that it allows me to transfer the stress of poor choices back to the one who made them. It’s freeing for me as a mom and very memorable for the child. And, hopefully it helps him make wiser choices next time.

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