I Love Smelly Shoes!
Radio Hostess: Lysa TerKeurst
Contributing Writers: Lysa TerKeurst with Amanda Waldroop

Have you ever thanked God for smelly shoes? Hi, I’m Lysa TerKeurst for Proverbs 31 Ministries. Now, smelly shoes may not make you feel thankful at first, but maybe they will when you think about God watching over the little sweaty feet that fill them. The Bible says, “He set my feet upon a rock and made my footsteps firm.” God cares about where our feet take us, and He wants us to honor Him with our steps.

We use our feet to get us where we need to go. They take us wherever we point them— good, bad, right or wrong. The next time you trip over a pair of stray shoes lying around the house, instead of getting frustrated, let it remind you to pray for the feet that go in them. Where are those feet taking your loved ones? Are they making good choices with each step? Are they honoring God with their wherever they go? Ask God to direct each and every footstep. For more ways to pray for your family, visit Proverbs 31 Ministries at proverbs31.org.

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