Lean On Me
Hostess: Renee Swope
Contributing Writer: Renee Swope

My family was snow skiing when we ended up on a slope that was way bigger than we expected. Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

My son Andrew kept falling and getting hurt. So, I decided to "ski" him down. He stood in front of me with his skis in between mine and wrapped his arms around my elbows. It was crazy, I know! And believe me, we almost died a few times. Seriously, I was screaming, "JESUS help us."
And, HE did!

We made it to the bottom, I told Andrew I was proud of him for staying focused and keeping his skis straight so we could make it down. Then he said, "Mom, you did all the work. I just had to lean on you.

"It made me think about how God does all the work if we'll stay centered in Him, lean on His strength and let Him guide us along life's path. For more encouragement, visit Proverbs31.org.

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